Act Now to Save Title X Funding

Two attempts to advance the NE legislature’s budget bill have stalled because there is language in the bill that would jeopardize federal Title X funding for valuable health centers across the state.  Please call your Senator today to ask her/him to NOT allow the budget to come for a vote until TITLE X FUNDING is taken out of the bill.

Some talking points provided by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland:

*Nebraskans use Title X to receive crucial family planning care and education. Title X is a federal grant that helps Nebraskans access affordable birth control information, annual exams, cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, HPV testing and vaccinations, health services for survivors of sexual assault, and more.

*At least 8,000 Planned Parenthood patients would lose access to care. Planned Parenthood currently serves over 8,000 patients in Omaha and Lincoln under Title X. Other area providers would not be able to absorb these thousands of patients.

*Abortion referral language implicates all Title X providers. The Governor’s budget includes ambiguous language that threatens all Title X health centers, even those which do not provide abortion – potentially jeopardizing access to family planning care for 28,000+ people across the state.

Please call your Senator now!

Thousands of patients are counting on them to resist the Governor’s anti-health agenda.

– Kathie Uhrmacher, President, Lincoln Women’s Foundation

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