Action Alert: LR294, Resolution on Climate Change

LR 294, the resolution written by students at Prairie Hill Learning Center concerning human caused effects on climate, was heard by the Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee on Feb. 20. There it sits yet!
“LR 294 is an official acknowledgement of scientific information declaring climate changes and predicting further changes and devastation in the climate and economy of Nebraska, particularly for the agricultural sector.
“LR 294 would mandate the State of Nebraska to create an action plan to combat the climate and ecological crisis  in process.” 
 (The full text of the resolution can be found on the Nebraska Legislature website.)
If your senator sits on the Natural Resources Committee or is one of the co-signers of LR 294, PLEASE contact them immediately and as a constituent of the senator, strongly urge that LR 294 be advanced to General File for full debate by the senate.
Natural Resources Committee:  Senators Albrecht, Bostelman, Geist, Gragert, Halloran, Hughes, Moser and Quick.
Co-signers of the resolution:  Kolowski (introducer), Bolz, Brandt, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Crawford, Hunt, McCollister, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks, Quick, and Wishart.
You can reach your senator by email or by calling the Capitol switchboard at 402 4721-2311 and asking for your senator.
Emphasize the urgency of the students’ concerns and YOUR concerns regarding our climate.

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