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Action Alert: Urge Your Senator to Vote No on LB 700

This is an Action Alert to contact your state senator and urge him or her to vote NO on LB 700. Please see the information below in a letter sent to the senators and plan to use one or two of the points when contacting your senator. 

The language of the bill would require wind energy companies to completely remove all concrete base material when decommissioning, rather than just the first four feet, which is standard practice nationwide.
It is on the legislative agenda for Monday, April 15, but may not come up for debate until Tuesday.

If you choose to send an email to your senator, make it short and succinct.  Vote NO on LB 700; it’s anti-clean energy and it’s anti-business.

– Sherry Miller, President, LWVNE

Nebraska Senators:  

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska urges you to vote No on LB 700.  
Nebraska ranks third in the country for wind energy potential, yet falls far behind in how much is actually produced.  In the two years since legislation lifted major barriers to wind energy, wind energy has already added hundreds of jobs, attracted new companies to our state that value sustainability and broaden our property tax base. At the same time, wind farms bring added income to agriculture producers who face difficult years due to tariffs and weather conditions.

LB 700 specifically targets wind energy development with unduly harsh restrictions related to decommissioning requirements.  These restrictions target clean energy, an industry that could be far more beneficial to Nebraskans.  It is an unwelcoming statement that closes the door to potential investment in a resource that we are rich in—wind.

The League urges you to vote No to LB 170 and leave the regulations regarding wind energy to the counties.  

Sherry Miller, President, League of Women Voters of Nebraska

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