Call to Action: Unicameral Debates and Hearings to Watch the Week of March 18

All the bills listed below will have hearings during the week of March 18 through March 22. Unless otherwise stated, the League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha supports these bills.

Find your senator via the Unicameral website, and contact them to urge them to support these bills. Follow the Unicameral Update to find out what happens next with these bills.

Hearings on Tuesday, March 19

Education Committee

Committee members are Chair Senator Groene, Senator Brewer, Senator Kolowski, Senator Linehan, Senator Morfeld, Senator Murman, Senator Pansing Brooks, Senator Walz.

  • LB 351 – Provide for school district levy and bonding authority for cybersecurity and violence prevention
  • LB 683 – Provide for a work plan under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act relating to a one-time lump sum payment to certain retirement system members (oppose)

Hearings on Wednesday, March 20

Judiciary Committee

Committee members are Senator Lathrop (Chair), Senator Brandt, Senator Chambers, Senator DeBoer, Senator Morfeld, Senator Pansing Brooks, Senator Slama, Senator Wayne.

  • LB 209 – Require information regarding reversal of medication abortion (oppose)
  • LB 503 – Eliminate requirement that physician be physically present in same room when an abortion is performed

Hearings on Thursday, March 21

Health and Human Services Committee

Committee members are Senator Howard (Chair), Senator Arch, Senator Cavanaugh, Senator B. Hansen,Senator Murman, Senator Walz, Senator Williams.

  • LB 629 – Provide criteria for recipients of Title X grant funds

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