Call to Action: Unicameral Debates and Hearings to Watch the Week of March 25

All the bills listed below will have hearings during the week of March 25 through March 29. Unless otherwise stated, the League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha supports these bills.

Find your senator via the Unicameral website, and contact them to urge them to support these bills. Follow the Unicameral Update to find out what happens next with these bills.

Hearings on Monday, March 25

Business and Labor Committee

Committee members are Senator M. Hansen (Chair), Senator Chambers, Senator Crawford, Senator Halloran, Senator B. Hansen, Senator Lathrop, Senator Slama.

  • LB 19 – OPPOSE – Allow withholding from public of reports of injury under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act as prescribed and provide duties for the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court

Hearings on Tuesday, March 26

Appropriations Committee

Committee members are Senator Stinner (Chair), Senator Bolz, Senator Clements, Senator Dorn, Senator Erdman, Senator Hilkemann, Senator McDonnell, Senator Vargas, Senator Wishart.

  • LB 226 – State intent relating to appropriations for the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Kearney and the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Geneva
  • LB 485 – OPPOSE – State intent relating to an appropriation for the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Kearney

Hearings on Wednesday, March 27

Judiciary Committee

Committee members are Senator Lathrop (Chair), Senator Brandt, Senator Chambers, Senator DeBoer, Senator Morfeld, Senator Pansing Brooks, Senator Slama, Senator Wayne.

  • LB 578 – Provide for venue of legal proceedings challenging laws regarding redistricting

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