Call to Action: Unicameral Debates and Hearings to Watch the Week of March 4

Bills Being Debated on Monday, March 4: General File

The following bills will be on general file starting Monday, March 4:

  • LB 627 – Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or sexual identity
  • LB 141 – Provide for the offense of assault by strangulation or suffocation
  • LB 400 – Change the minimum wage for persons compensated by way of gratuities
  • LB 217 – Prohibit retaliation against employees for communicating about wages

Hearings on March 4

Business and Labor Committee

The following bills will have hearings in the Business and Labor Committee on Monday, March 4. Committee members are Senator M. Hansen (Chair), Senator Chambers, Senator Crawford, Senator Halloran, Senator B. Hansen, Senator Lathrop, Senator Slama.

  • LB 526 – Change provisions relating to compensation for temporary disability under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act
  • LB 487 – Require the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court to adopt an evidence-based drug formulary (oppose)

Hearings on March 5

Education Committee

The following bills will have hearings in the Education Committee on Tuesday, March 5. Committee members are Chair Senator Groene, Senator Brewer, Senator Kolowski, Senator Linehan, Senator Morfeld, Senator Murman, Senator Pansing Brooks, Senator Walz.

  • LB 534 -Require public postsecondary educational institutions to conduct an annual sexual assault climate survey

Hearings on March 6

Health and Human Services Committee

The following bill will have a hearing in the Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday, March 6. Committee members are Senator Howard (Chair), Senator Arch, Senator Cavanaugh, Senator B. Hansen, Senator Murman, Senator Walz, Senator Williams.

  • LB 518 – Adopt the Support for Trafficking Survivors Act

Judiciary Committee

The following bills will have hearings in Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, March 6. Committee members are Senator Lathrop (Chair), Senator Brandt, Senator Chambers, Senator DeBoer, Senator Morfeld, Senator Pansing Brooks, Senator Slama, Senator Wayne.

  • LB 179 – Authorize the appeal of certain motions as final orders (oppose)
  • LB 231 – Change provisions relating to legal defense of juveniles
  • LB 690 – adopt the healthy pregnancies for incarcerated women act

Government, Military and Veterans Affairs

The following bills will have hearings in the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee on Wednesday, March 6. Committee Members are Senator Brewer (Chair), Senator Blood, Senator M. Hansen, Senator Hilgers, Senator Hunt, Senator Kolowski, Senator La Grone, Senator Lowe.

  • LB 163 – Opens vote by mail for any sized county in lieu of establishing precincts.
  • LB 711 – Change provisions relating to voting qualifications for any person convicted of a felony
  • LB 211 – Make elections for county offices non-partisan (oppose)

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