How Bills Become Laws in Nebraska

Ever wonder the steps required for an introduced bill to become a Nebraska law? We’ve got a quick explanation below. We hope to empower Nebraskans to be active observers and even participants in the process! Unicameral 101: How Bills Move through the Lawmaking Process An Idea Becomes Introduced Text Each Senator has 10 days from […]

Lobbying Best Practices

Nebraskans are the “second house” of our legislature — we’re encouraged to participate in the lawmaking process by advocating to our state senators. As part of our Unicameral 101 series, read our tips on lobbying and testifying in front of committees. Citizen Lobbying Best Practices: The Five Commandments 1. Be honest and truthful. Lobbying is […]

How to Read a Legislative Bill


To help LWVGO members and community members to be active participants in the Nebraska legislature, we’re publishing guides to following our state senators’ activities in a series called Unicameral 101. To kick this series off, see LWVGO Policy Director Peggy Adair’s guide to reading bills below. The easiest way for a novice to learn how […]

Video: How A Bill Becomes A Law in Nebraska

The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska has put together an engaging animated video about how an idea becomes a law in our state’s unique unicameral system. Check out the video below.  Ver en Español: Learn more at