City of Omaha Seal
City of Omaha Seal

The City of Omaha is governed by a Mayor and City Council.
Following is a brief description of Omaha’s elected officials and their contact information.

Omaha Mayor
The Mayor is elected every four years on a nonpartisan basis. The executive organization operating under the Mayor consists of seven departments (Finance; Law; Parks, Recreation, and Public Property; Personnel; Planning; Public Safety; Public Works). The heads (directors) of the other six departments are appointed by the Mayor, except that the Human Resources Director is chosen from three to five persons recommended by the Personnel Board. However, the Mayor may dismiss any of these six. The Mayor submits a budget to the City Council for their approval.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert:

Council Members
Council Members are also every four years on a non-partisan basis. A candidate for the office of Council member shall, at the time of filing for the office, be a qualified elector and a resident of the district from which such candidate seeks election and a resident in the city and district or any area annexed by the city for one year. No person may serve as a Council member at the same time he or she holds another high elective office. All legislative powers of the city shall be exclusively vested in the Council. The Council shall have the power to pass, amend, or repeal any and all ordinances necessary or proper to execute or carry into effect any of the provisions of the city charter. Council shall make or confirm appointments as required by this charter; adopt the budget, undertake necessary investigations, provide for an independent audit, and take such other actions as it deems necessary and as are consistent with this charter.

Omaha City Council Members
City Council Member locator

District 1: Pete Festersen

District 2: Juanita Johnson

District 3: Danny Begley

District 4: Ron Hug

District 5: Don Rowe

District 6: Brinker Harding

District 7: Aimee Melton