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Dine & Discuss

Dine & Discuss
Learn about Omaha Documenters
Friday, January 20, 2023 – 6:00PM

We will be hosting a special Dine & Discuss this month where we will be partnering with Omaha Documenters, a segment of the Omaha Institute for Nonprofit Journalism, to learn about their journalism program and how they plan to help better inform Omaha citizens on the information shared at city meetings while also providing compensation for those who would like to observe and gain experience in citizen journalism / reporting.

Omaha Documenters is a nonprofit organization that specializes in training citizen journalists to attend city meetings and report on them while being nonpartisan. If you are interested in public policy / attending city meetings and would like contribute to LWVGO communications with your reporting please register for this orientation and training!

“Starting this fall, Omaha Documenters will train and pay a network of community members to document local public meetings through live-tweeting and detailed note taking. We’ll publish those fact-checked notes for all to use, building a public record of the decisions made at public meetings.” –https://www.oinj.org/omaha-documenters

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