Federal-Level Representatives

Nebraska residents can find out their districts by entering an address on the Nebraska Voter Check website.

The following are federal-level representatives for Nebraska (residents are represented by both senators but only one of the representatives):

Senator Deb Fischer

Senator Pete Ricketts

Representative Mike Flood (District 1)

Representative Don Bacon (District 2)

Representative Adrian Smith (District 3)

State-Level Representatives

The Nebraska Legislature is made up of 49 Senators.  Information about the Nebraska Unicameral can be found on the state website at

County-Level Representatives

Douglas County is governed by a Board of Commissioners. Information on the Douglas County Commissioners and their meetings can be found on

The current commissioners are: 

Roger Garcia (D1), James Cavanaugh (D2), Chris Rogers (D3), P.J. Morgan (D4), Maureen Boyle (D5), Mary Ann Borgeson (D6), Mike Friend (D7)

City-Level Representatives

The City of Omaha is governed by a Mayor and City Council.  Information on City Council and their meetings can be found on

The current officials are: 

Mayor: Jean Stothert

City Council:  Pete Festersen (D1), Juanita Johnson (D2), Danny Begley (D3), Ron Hug (D4), Don Rowe (D5), Brinker Harding (D6), Aimee Melton (D7)