The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha offers many opportunities for members to get involved in voter registration, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, issue advocacy and more.

Ways to Get Involved

The following is a listing of opportunities for action and involvement. There is no shortage of opportunities to follow your interests with the League; don’t see what you’re interested in working on here? Start your own committee! 

Members and prospective members are welcome to join and contribute to any of the following working groups/committees. You can commit as little or as much time as you’re interested in or able to invest, and opportunities are available to suit different schedules.

Contact the leader listed on any of the following groups to get started.

Review and sign up for current volunteer opportunities.

League Members Joanna Lindberg and Palestine Grey-Moore at VR Event
To find out more contact Cat Henning at or Tiffany Troung at Tiffany
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Cat Henning & Tiffany Troung

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 

GOTV leads the League’s effort to register voters by providing:

  • League sponsored voter deputy registrar training
  • Registrars upon request for general voter registration
  • Voter registration at all naturalization ceremonies in Omaha
  • Education and voter registration for government classes for Omaha area schools
  • Interface with community groups involved in voter registration 
  • GOTV tool kit including magnets, business cards, and other voter information
  • Text messages to newly-registered voters

Lots of opportunities! 

Go Vote Omaha

Locally-produced public access television/YouTube show covering public policy issues and providing candidate forums for elections.

  • Volunteers willing to work on research for questions
  • Opportunities include on- and off-camera work
  • Shows are “filmed” on Thursday nights but booking and research can be done at other times
Go Vote Omaha
Terri Crawford, LWV GO’s Policy Director, talks with Dr. Cynthia Robinson, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Black Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha about systemic racism in Omaha.
To find out more contact Karina Hernandez at
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Karina Hernandez & Kathy Bass
Producer & Director
League members at voting event
For more information contact Palestine Gray Moore at
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Palestine Gray Moore

Community Relations

Provides outreach to community groups with a goal of diversity and inclusion.

  • Participates in community events like parades and expos.
  • Encourages members active with other community organizations to serve as a liaison with the LWVGO to foster cooperation.

Observer Corps

Observer Corps (quarterly meetings)

  • Observer Corps is a structured in a way for individuals to exercise their right to know.
  • It responds to a decline in news coverage of local politics.
  • An observer:
    • attends a government meeting to learn more about issues facing the community
    • notes what happens at the meeting
    • reports back to the League community through social media to empower the community to take action
Observer Corp Logo
To learn more contact Terri Crawford at
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Terri Crawford
To learn more contact LWVNE, VP of Action, Sherry Miller at

Public Policy Engagement

The state board includes directors (or co-directors) who head seven task forces for the LWVNE.

  • Six LWVNE task forces mirror committees of the Nebraska Legislature.
  • Every bill introduced to the Nebraska Legislature receives a hearing in a legislative committee.
  • The various task forces of the LWVNE work on issues at the state level.
  • Members from local Leagues across the state and members-at-large are encouraged to work with these LWVNE state task forces.
  • Contact the directors to join a task force. Go to for contact information.

Running and Winning

Biennial one-day workshop for high school girls to encourage them to run for political office in the future.

  • We invite women who are past or current elected officials to share their experience running for office with high school participants.
  • Running and Winning is a cooperative effort with the University of Nebraska at Omaha Service Learning.
  • Many opportunities are available in planning and running this event.
Participants in Running and Winning
To learn more contact Linda Duckworth at
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Linda Duckworth
Chair of Running & Winning