Great Decisions Book Club Launches for 2019

Every year, LWVGO hosts a discussion group called Great Decisions, based on materials produced by the nonpartisan Foreign Policy Association.

Great Decisions runs on Thursday afternoons at the Swanson branch of the Omaha Public Library, launching on Jan. 10 and ending March 7 (the group will skip Feb. 14 and any days that the library is closed due to snow). Its strengths lie in tying together many individual news items into a cohesive whole, raising in-depth questions, then encouraging each person to decide the best policy.

Beginning with a short movie on the week’s reading, last year’s group tackled issues such as policies toward China, Russia, Global Health, and a comparison between Woodrow Wilson and Donald Trump. Some of this year’s segments include Refugees and Global Migration, The Rise of Populism in Europe, Cyber Conflicts and Geopolitics, and The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested.

To participate in the discussion, order your own briefing book (as soon as possible) from Cost this year is $32 plus shipping.

Event Dates & Topics

All Great Decisions discussions take place from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Swanson Branch of the Omaha Public Library, 9101 W Dodge Rd. Optionally RSVP on Facebook or contact with any questions.

  • Jan. 10: Intro – American Foreign Policy in 2019: a Framework for Analysis  +  Refugees and Global Migration
  • Jan. 17: The Middle East: Regional Disorder
  • Jan. 24: Nuclear Negotiations: Back to the Future
  • Jan. 31: The Rise of Populism in Europe
  • Feb. 7: Decoding U.S. China Trade
  • Feb. 21: Cyber Conflicts and Geopolitics
  • Feb. 28: The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested
  • March 7: State of the State Department and Diplomacy

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