Great Decisions Book Club

Great Decisions is a discussion group based on eight readings from the non-partisan Foreign Policy Association. Its strengths lie in tying together many individual news items into a cohesive whole, raising in- depth questions, then encouraging each person to decide the best policy.

Beginning with a short movie on the week’s reading, this year’s group will tackle issues such as policies toward China in Africa, the Two Koreas,  the Role of the WHO, Brexit and the EU, The Arctic, and the End of Globalization. Due to COVID, the 2021 sessions will be held on Zoom on Thursday afternoons from 1-3 P.M. for eight sessions beginning on February 11th, 2021.

Each person orders their own materials (and should do so as soon as possible) from Cost this year is $32 plus shipping.

This year the video on each issue can be streamed ahead of time in addition to watching it together during the session. Sessions are stand-alone.  Members of the League have diverse backgrounds which really add to discussions and deepen our understanding, so please join us, and brighten your winter days!

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