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Great Decisions

Great Decisions 2023
Thursdays, January 26th – March 16th
1:00-3:00pm via Zoom

The LWVGO Great Decisions Book Club is an online (Zoom) discussion group based on eight readings from the non-partisan Foreign Policy Association. Its strengths lie in tying together many individual news items into a cohesive whole, raising in-depth questions, then encouraging each person to decide the best policy.

Each week we will begin the meeting with a short video on the week’s reading (shown by LWVGO Staff, purchase of videos is not necessary) made by the FPA to summarize and provide the context to the topics of conversation that will be had, based on the weeks reading. 

To participate in this club we invite you to purchase The 2023 Great Decisions briefing book before January 2023. The book features impartial, thought-provoking analyses on nine issues of concern to U.S. policymakers today. Written by carefully selected experts, each article offers policy options for U.S. officials as well as questions and tools for discussion.

2023 Topics include: Energy Geopolitics, War Crimes, China and the U.S.,  Economic Warfare,  Politics in Latin America, Global Famine, Iran at a Crossroads, and Climate Migration.

To order The 2023 Great Decisions book can be ordered online or by contacting sales at 1-800-477-5836 or sales@fpa.org.

Contact office@lwvgo.org with any questions.

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