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How to Use Vote411 to Get All the Info You Need to Vote

Vote411.org is a comprehensive guide to city, state and federal elections across the country. LWVGO uploads information specific to Douglas County to help voters in the Greater Omaha area make informed voting choices.

You can use this site to find info on how to register to vote, how to report any Election Day issues and find all kinds of info on voter eligibility, polling place locations and more.

You can also use Vote411 to compare candidates and print out your ballot selections to help you prepare for voting. Vote411 pulls candidate information from our nonpartisan voters’ guide and tailors what races and ballot issues you see based on your address. You can review where candidates running for office in your community stand on the issues, make selections for the candidates and issues you’d like to vote for, then save or print those selections to use a guide or reference when you actually vote. Vote411 does not collect personal information or store your address or selections (so your data will be lost when you leave the page).

Read the full guide below to get to know Vote411 and get prepared to go vote, Omaha!

Note: Any candidates, races or selections shown are selected randomly and for demonstrative purposes only. The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha is a nonpartisan organization that never supports or opposes political parties or candidates.

How to Create a Personalized Voting Guide Using Vote411

To get voting information customized to you, navigate to Vote411.org and enter your address.

With your address entered, click Enter to continue. You’ll see a box with links for info “At a glance.” You can click the link to verify that your registration is correct, get polling place location and more. To create your personalized voting guide, click the green link to Get personalized information on candidates and issues.

This will take you to the beginning of the Personalized Ballot. The next step is Choose My Party. Use the dropdown to select the political party matching your registration, keeping in mind that Nonpartisans should select “None of These.” Then click Go to My Races.

You’ll see a list of races that you’re eligible to vote for based on your address and political party. For example, the screenshot below shows the races for a Nonpartisan voter who lives in downtown Omaha.

Select a row or click Make Selection to view the issue or candidate information for that race and to make a selection for your personalized voting guide. For ballot issues, you’ll see a description of the issue and the question you’ll vote on, just as you’ll see it on your ballot when you go to vote. Read the ballot question and then mark “yes” or “no” to add that answer to your ballot guide. You can skip the question by clicking the > beside Next Race or by clicking View My Races. If you make a selection, the application will automatically take you to the next issue or race on your list.

For races with just two candidates, you’ll automatically see a comparison of the candidates, showing their biographical info and answers to questions as they submitted them to LWVGO for our nonpartisan voters’ guide. You can read their answers and make a selection or skip this race.

For races with more than two candidates, you’ll see a list of all candidates and will be prompted to choose two to compare. You can compare two, go back, select another set and continue as needed to make your selection.

When you’ve made selections for or viewed all races, you’ll see a full list of all your selections. You can navigate back to make edits, review info or change your selections. When finished, click Finish.

Note: Any selections shown are made randomly and only for demonstrative purposes. The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha is a nonpartisan organization that never supports or opposes political parties or candidates.

Enter your phone number, email or both to get your selections emailed or texted to you.

You can repeat this process however many times you like, saving and printing your results as needed.

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