While the LWVGO is nonpartisan, the League is political. It can and does take positions on legislation.

How do we develop League positions on issues?

The League does not take a position on an issue without careful study at the local, state and national levels. We pride ourselves in investing the time to dig deep and find the facts that will inform our members about the issues. The League of Women Voters is respected for its commitment to in-depth research, community involvement and its 104-year history of educating voters.

Our National Program is called Impact on Issues.  These are positions developed at the national level and approved at our Bi-Annual Conventions. You can order a hard copy of Impact on Issues at Amazon.

The League also has researched and developed state and local positions on issues.

Impact on Issues

The League and the Nebraska Legislature

The League actively engages with the Nebraska Legislature. Before each legislative session, members of the state board of directors review bills and identify priority bills based on our issues program. We testify before committees; write op-eds and letters to the editors of newspapers; contact government officials through e-mails, phone calls and letters; hold an annual Legislative Day; and, in general, encourage our members to take action. Learn more about how our members take action.

For Local Issues, Join the Observer Corp

Observer Corp Logo

Members of Observer Corp attend the meetings of Greater Omaha political bodies, such as the City Council and County Board. Observer Corp members report on the meetings for social media posting and may at times speak on the local league position at the meeting during public discussion. If you are interested in training for Observer Corps, email