LWVNE Signs VW Diesel Emissions Settlement Fund Letter

To read a letter to Governor Ricketts signed by LWVNE, among other organizations, advocating for using the $11.5 million Nebraska will receive from the VW diesel emissions settlement fund to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, click here.

Rationale for signing from LWVNE Natural Resources Director Janece Mollhoff:
It is not a commitment to a coalition, rather, it supports LWVUS position on resource management: Promote resource conservation, stewardship and long range planning, with the responsibility for managing natural resources shared by all levels of government.

Although participation in signing the letter is not done as a member of a coalition, the decision to sign is based on the below section of the LWVNE General Policy. We have previously participated in other advocacy with these same organizations.

From Coalition Policy, p. 7:
“A committee of the President, Vice-President Action, and any director of a portfolio involved will decide when to join informal coalitions, or whether to be involved with advocacy work with our coalition partners on specific issues and proposed legislation.”

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