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LWVNE Money In Politics Member Consensus Meeting

All members are invited and encouraged to attend our Money in Politics Member Consensus Meeting, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Nebraska. Members from around the state have been meeting regularly for over a year to decide whether LWVNE should add an official position regarding Money in Politics. The study is complete and all members are asked to participate in the next step!

The study is a summation of research conducted by Kate High of LWVNE and Jack Gould of Common Cause. Links to their work are provided for a more in-depth coverage of research and findings.

You can help by joining us for a presentation of study results on Tuesday, January 4, then asking questions and  deciding whether the new positions which the committee recommends should be adopted.


To read the study visit: https://lwvnebraska.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/MONEY-IN-POLITICS-STUDY.docx.pdf

The link below may help in case you have not previously participated in a League consensus meeting. https://lwvnebraska.org/positions-studies/

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