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LWVNE Testimony Supporting LB 391

On Feb. 13, the League of Women Voters of Nebraska submitted testimony in support of LB 391, a bill to change duties of peace officers taking juveniles into custody or interrogating juveniles and prohibit use of statements taken in violation of the rights of a juvenile

Download the submitted testimony or read the full text below.

Dear Senator Lathrop and Members of the Committee,

We write in support of Senator Pansing Brooks’s LB 391.  The League of Women Voters of Nebraska supports a correctional system, including initial arrest, that provides for humane treatment of an accused offender, both juvenile and adult. 

LB 391  is a straight-forward bill that assures that arrested juveniles receive the same legal protections as adults, but including, in these cases, requirements that the parent, guardian, custodian, or relatives be informed so that they are able to provide advice and counsel to the youth.  It also requires access to an attorney, either paid by the arrested person (or adults in his/her life) or by the State.

It also provides for limits on use of adult facilities for youth.  It excludes use of such facilities for youth under 16 and places time limits (of time and location, and requires significant supervision) on use of such facilities for youth 16 years of age or older. 

All of these provisions seem basic and appropriate.  We hope the bill will receive Committee approval and broad support in the Legislature.     


John F. Else, Director of Social Policy

Sherry Miller, President                                         

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