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Nebraska League Testimony for State Science Standards

The state League (League of Women Voters of Nebraska) testified in support of the new state science standards, and for the inclusion of “climate change” within them, to the Nebraska State Board of Education on Sept. 8.

Read their testimony below, or click here.


Thank you for the opportunity to speak to this upgrade of science standards. The League of Women Voters has a long standing interest in educating the public about climate change, beginning in the late 1990s, when “global warming” was introduced into our everyday conversation.

The League has taken an interrelated approach to natural resource issues and urges attention to and education regarding climate change at all levels of government. The League has fought to support progress on climate initiatives to reduce carbon pollution, the leading cause of global warming and the extreme changes in our weather patterns around the world.

The League believes our youth should learn about and understand the underlying causes of change in our air, our water, and all other aspects of our ecosystems. The League strongly encourages the incorporation of critical thinking skills into all teaching. Throughout the educational process, the purpose of critical thinking is to develop patterns of active analysis of information rather than passive acceptance of information.

It must be noted that information presented for passive acceptance may be seriously outdated. For these reasons, we support the inclusion of the words “climate change” in the proposed revisions to science standards. Sections SC.HS.12.1.b and SC.HS.12.1.d present a very exciting opportunity for students to learn about climate change and its potential impacts on their lives and their futures.

Watching coverage of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma should leave no one in doubt of the catastrophic
impacts of climate change.

Respectfully submitted,
Sherry Miller, President
League of Women Voters of Nebraska

Janece Mohllhoff, Director
Natural Resouces, League of Women Voters of Nebraska

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