Priority Bills

League of Women Voters of Nebraska’s Priority Bills for 2018 Legislative Session

Voting & Voting Rights

LB 76: Require notice for Secretary of State regarding completion of felony sentence for purpose of voting (Wayne; carry over). SUPPORT

LB 973: Require redistricting maps drawn using state-issued computer software (Crawford). Heard 2/1/18 by Executive Board; testimony submitted. SUPPORT

LB 974: Prohibit consideration of political affiliation, demographic information and previous election results in drawing legislative districts (Vargas). Hearing 2/5/18 by Executive Board. SUPPORT

LB 975: Adopt the Redistricting Act (Crawford); combines all elements of LB 973 and LB 974. Hearing 2/5/18.  SUPPORT

LB 1065: Voter ID, using a poll booth to check voter registration (Murante); referred to Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. OPPOSE

LB 1066: Voter ID, requiring photo ID with an exact-match address (Murante); referred to Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Testimony submitted. OPPOSE


LB 870: Provide for room confinement of juveniles as prescribed (Pansing Brooks) to prohibit use of solitary confinement for youth.  Heard January 24th by Judiciary Committee.  SUPPORT

LB 1132: Provide a procedure to set aside convictions of victims of sex trafficking and to expunge related records (Pansing Brooks)  Hearing 2/9/18 in Judiciary Committee. SUPPORT


LB 295: Tax Credit/Voucher scheme aimed to divert public taxes to private schools by providing credits for private school donations.  (Smith). Heard January 26, 2017 a carry over bill. Amended by motion to insert and name first 13 sections as the Opportunity Scholarships Act.  OPPOSE


LB 305: Adopt the Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Act (Crawford). Heard February 6, 2017, a carry over bill. SUPPORT


LB 944: Proposed Deficit Budget Bill (on behalf of Ricketts), would change the way providers qualify for Title X funding (federal dollars).  This bill would exclude health centers that provide abortions with potentially broader implications for health enters that don’t provide but offer referrals for abortion as required by federal law. OPPOSE