Renew Your Membership with LWVGO today!

LWVGO Members: Membership Renewal is Due

Membership renewal is easy. Just click here.

The link will take you to a general information page you need to fill out, then you will be directed to a form you can use to pay your renewal.

To renew your membership:

  1. Fill out your information, then click Submit.

  2. On the payment page, first select your Membership Type:

    1. First-time members can select New Membership and will be charged $47 ($45 plus $2 PayPal processing fee).

    2. Existing members should select Standard Renewal and will be charged $62 ($60 plus $2 PayPal processing fee).

    3. Those wanting to join or renew as two or more members in a household should select Household Renewal and will be charged $99.

    4. Student members are free and should select Student Membership –  we ask that you complete the membership process so we capture your information.

    5. If you’d like to also order a new, permanent name tag, select Standard Renewal + Name Tag or Household + Name Tag, then enter the name to include on the new name tag. You’ll be charged $10 extra and we’ll send you more info about where to pick up the name tag once it’s created.
  3. Click Pay Now. You’ll see a new page with PayPal information at the top. To pay with a card, click Pay with Debit or Credit Card at the bottom of the page.

  4. Enter your credit card information, then click Pay Now.

Please renew as soon as possible, and no later than the end of the day on Oct. 31.

Thank you for renewing your membership. Your membership provides the funds necessary to run our LWV office and programming events. We couldn’t do it without you!

2 Replies to “Renew Your Membership with LWVGO today!”

  1. Karren Kerr

    I would like to give a donation along with our membership. We and our accountant prefer to do that with a check for tax purposes and not through pay pal.
    Also, have you had a fund raising request this year? Other than the Omaha Gives campaign.
    Thanks, Karren Kerr

    • Alex Garrison Post author

      Hi, Karren! Thanks for your comment.

      You can donate any time via our website (and, like the renewal process, you can give via a debit or credit card, not just PayPal) here: Our big donation drive will take place early next year.

      You can also send in a check for membership renewal and/or donation to our offices at 1905 Harney St, Omaha, NE 68102.


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