As a citizen of the United States of America you have the right to take part in the political process. Voting is a
powerful way to influence your own future as well as the future of your children and loved ones who can’t speak
for themselves. Be a voter!
You are eligible to vote if you are:
1. A US Citizen
2. At least 18 or turning 18 by the General Election day (November 3)
3. An Ex-Felon 2 years following completion of the entire sentence including probation/parole and post
release supervision (misdemeanors or time in jail do not make citizens ineligible to vote).

Did You Know? Douglas County Voters Can Return Early Ballots via Anytime Dropboxes

In the run-up to the 2018 election, we’re posting quick facts about voting to help you get out and go vote, Omaha! 

Today’s fact: If you have an early-voting ballot and are a Douglas County voter, you can return that ballot by mail or drop it off at any of the following locations. You can do this any time between April 16 and May 14.

Learn more about the primary through our quick guide to voting.

Downtown Omaha
City/County Building
Located: Between 18th & 19th on Farnam, near sidewalk
1819 Farnam Street, Omaha

South Omaha
South Omaha Library
Located: Southwest corner of building
2808 Q Street, Omaha

North Omaha
Charles B. Washington Branch Library
Located: Southwest corner of building
2868 Ames Avenue, Omaha

Ralston Police Department
Located: Southwest corner of building
7400 Main Street, Ralston

Northwest Omaha
Milton R. Abrahams Branch Library
Located: South of main entrance
5111 N 90th Street, Omaha

West Omaha 
Douglas County Election Commission
Located: South of main entrance
225 N 115th Street, Omaha
Drive-Up Box, Located: South side of median
Davenport Street between 114th & 115th, Omaha

Douglas County Engineer’s Office
Located: Near sidewalk by parking stalls
15505 W Maple Road, Omaha

Millard Public Schools Foundation
Located: Northwest corner of building
5225 South 159th Avenue, Omaha

Bess Johnson Elkhorn Branch Library
Located: Northeast corner of building
2100 Reading Plaza, Elkhorn

LWVGO Welcomes New Permanent Vote-by-Mail/Early Voting Request List

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha commends the Douglas County Election Commission for enacting a permanent vote-by-mail list. This empowers Douglas County voters to opt into automatically receiving a postcard ahead of every election. This postcard asks the voter if they would like to receive a ballot mailed to them for that election. If they would like to vote early/by mail, the voter sends the postcard back and then receives a ballot in the mail. The voter then mails in (or drops off) their ballot to vote.

Per the Douglas County Election Commission’s media release:
Beginning with the 2018  Statewide Gubinatorial Election, voters may place themselves on Douglas County Early Voting Request List. Voters on this list will be sent an early voting ballot application postcard prior to every scheduled election. When the postcard is received, voters may simply complete the response portion and return it to our office, thereby requesting an early voting ballot to be mailed to the address of their choice.
All early voting ballot applications issued by the Douglas County Election Commission will now include an option for voters to add their name to the Early Voting Request List for future elections.

Voters who would like to request an early voting ballot for the Nov. 6, 2018 election and want to opt in to receive election-notification postcards before every election can get more information from the Douglas County Election Commission’s website.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha is a nonpartisan political organization that envisions a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate in elections.

Voting by mail is a proven method that decreases county cost and increases voter turnout. This plan removes barriers to voting for citizens who work long hours, attend school or have transportation issues.

We believe our democracy is strongest when all citizens can vote and we applaud the Douglas County Election Commission for its consistent commitment to increasing voter turnout.