Voters’ Guide: Nebraska State Treasurer

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha contacts candidates during each election cycle and invites them to participate in the print and online editions of the Voters’ Guide. Candidates provide their biographical information and their positions on selected issues. Candidates are aware in advance that the biographies and answers will be printed exactly as submitted without edits for content, spelling, punctuation or grammar.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that never supports or opposes any political party or candidate for office.

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All Nebraskans are represented by this office.

Candidates for Nebraska State Treasurer

John Murante (R):  Website:  Current Public Office, dates held: Nebraska Legislature (1/2013-present).  Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln – BA.  Volunteer experience: NRA, Nebraska Republican Party, Sarpy County Republican Party, Knights of Columbus, Optimists, Partnership 4 Kids.

Nebraska State Treasurer Candidates’ Responses

What will you do to increase transparency and reduce corruption on issues related to political contributions and funding?

John Murante:  The State Treasurer manages the Taxpayer Transparency website.  I will work to update and modernize the website so that the people of Nebraska have a user friendly, one stop shop for analyzing all of state government’s expenditures.  Nebraskans deserve a State Treasurer with conservative values and respect for taxpayer dollars.  I understand that tax dollars do not belong to politicians, they belong to the people.  Too many politicians view tax dollars as their own private charity.  That is wrong.  As a State Senator, I have demonstrated a fundamental respect and appreciate for taxpayer dollars.  They represent hard work and time spent away from families.  If elected, I will continue fighting for conservative Republican values.  That is why conservative leaders have united around my campaign.  I am proud to be endorsed by Governor Pete Ricketts, Senator Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley, fmr. Governor Kay Orr, Treasurer Don Stenberg and over 100 others.

What qualifications and accomplishments make you the best candidate for this position?

John Murante:  Nebraskans demand a State Treasurer with small business experience and a proven record of fighting for conservative values.  Small business operators are well equipped to serve as State Treasurer.  As fmr. President and CEO of Big Fred’s Pizza, which was started by my grandfather Big Fred Bruning in 1965, I know how to manage money, develop a budget and lead a staff of employees.  I also know that big government is an impediment to small business.  As a State Senator and Chairman of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, I have a proven record of reliable conservative leadership.  In Republican primaries, every candidate claims to be conservative.  Nebraska needs a State Treasurer who has walked the walked with a history of standing up and fighting for conservative values.  I have fought to cut property taxes, enact common sense Voter ID laws, and abolish the learning community.  As Treasurer, I will work with the Legislature to enact these conservative ideas.

If elected, what would be your first-year priorities?

John Murante:  In my first year, I will expand the financial literacy program currently administered by the State Treasurer.  As a person who has employed many 20-something millennials, I am profoundly concerned about young people’s ability to accomplish basic financial tasks.  From developing a budget, to balancing a checkbook to making change at a cash register, kids are woefully unprepared.  I will partner with professional associations, like the Nebraska State Bankers Association, to reintroduce these important skills into classrooms.  I will also work with Governor Ricketts and members of the Legislature to deliver serious and meaningful tax relief to Nebraska.  Taxes in this state are outrageous because government spends too much money.  In particular, Nebraska taxes make it far too difficult to retire in our state.  Many Nebraskans are simply choosing to leave upon retirement.  As State Treasurer, I will continue fighting for these vital reforms.        

Action Alert: Oppose the Unfair Election Laws LB 1115 and LB 1065

The following is a message from LWVNE President Sherry Miller and LWVNE Social Policy Director John Else to all members. We encourage non-members to participate in this call to action as well.


Dear Activists,

It appears that LB 1115 may be debated in the Unicameral this week, since it is on General File. It is Senator Murante’s priority bill. Please call your senator opposing this bill, since it can severely impact the fairness of redistricting in Nebraska. This is the intent of LB 1115, followed by the language of Article III, Section 5 to which it refers.

The following constitutes the reasons for this bill and the purposes which are sought to be accomplished thereby:

Article III, section 5 of the Nebraska Constitution states: “The basis of apportionment shall be the population excluding aliens, as shown by the next preceding federal census.”

LB 1115 would effectuate that policy by requiring the population basis for redistricting for legislative districts, Supreme Court districts, and all political subdivision districts the total population minus non-citizens.

III-5. Legislative districts; apportionment; redistricting, when required.
The Legislature shall by law determine the number of members to be elected and divide the state into legislative districts. In the creation of such districts, any county that contains population sufficient to entitle it to two or more members of the Legislature shall be divided into separate and distinct legislative districts, as nearly equal in population as may be and composed of contiguous and compact territory. One member of the Legislature shall be elected from each such district. The basis of apportionment shall be the population excluding aliens, as shown by the next preceding federal census. The Legislature shall redistrict the state after each federal decennial census. In any such redistricting, county lines shall be followed whenever practicable, but other established lines may be followed at the discretion of the Legislature.

Feel free to use any of the talking points listed below. Be sure to call as YOUR senator’s constituent. They will listen to constituents.

Thank you,

Sherry Miller, President, LWVNE; and John Else, Director of Social Policy


*LB 1115 perpetuates an injustice begun in 1875 when Article III, Section 5 was adopted into the Constitution. The word “aliens” most likely referred to Native Americans or newly arrived immigrants from Europe. It was amended in 1920, probably also in reference to immigrants fleeing the aftermath of WWI.

*Nebraska Legislature obtains the count of “aliens” or “non-citizens” from the U.S. Census.

*It seems that redistricting in Nebraska is based only on citizens (or possibly voters}. Omitting non-citizens overlooks the fact that many of them pay taxes and are therefore taxed without representation.

*This is harmful to those immigrants who are awaiting legal status and are in every sense citizens in actuality except for the completion of application and the naturalization ceremony.

*LB 1115 would expand this limitation on population for redistricting purposes beyond legislative districts to all political subdivisions, not just legislative districts.

Urge your senator to vote NO on advancing LB 1115 to Select File. Let’s kill this thing and then look to getting the constitution amended in the future.


Dear Activists,

Here we go again. LB 1065, introduced by Senator Murante, has advanced from the Government Committee to General File. I encourage you to contact your senator in opposition to this bill.

Its purported intent is to update poll site equipment, making it easier for poll workers to identify voters coming to vote. But part of it is simply an attempt to impose voter ID rules. Other attempts have failed ever since 2012. Besides mandating the use of electronic poll books (computers), the bill requires a digital image of each voter be part of the listing of the voter. This image would probably be provided by the DMV.

I am including talking points from my testimony (see below) against LB 1065 for your use when you contact your senator. REMEMBER, Contact your Senators as constituents and not as members of the league. Senators give a great deal of weight to hearing from their CONSTITUENTS.

Thank you for taking prompt action on this important attempt to suppress voter rights.

Sherry Miller, President
League of Women Voters of Nebraska



First, County election offices across Nebraska need updated election equipment now. Implementing an electronic poll book system will take time and money, lots of money. While the electronic system may be an idea to contemplate for upgrading our election systems in the future, 2018 is a crucial midterm election year, which, it is hoped, will bring much renewed voter attention to the process, and 2020 even more so.

Secondly, voters deserve a measure of privacy. Furthermore, facial features can change from one election cycle to another through surgery, accidents, and plain old aging. How often would voters have to re-register to assure compatibility with a digital image? I agree it may be an unlikely scenario, but it could happen, and more than once.

Thirdly, in a time of income shortfall for our state government, why mandate a very expensive measure, costing $2.6 million for the first year and $451,000 for succeeding years.

Fourth, current election systems must be updated in a timely way to meet more immediate needs and not risk their failure while waiting for an electronic system to be put in place.

Please vote no to LB 1065.