Talking About the Death Penalty and Restorative Justice with Marylyn Felion

In this episode of Go Vote, Omaha, Geri Simon talks with Marylyn Felion about her experience as Robert E. Williams’ spiritual adviser. Robert was executed in Nebraska’s electric chair in December 1997.

Nebraska’s state legislature voted to repeal the death penalty in 2015. The Unicameral overrode Gov. Pete Ricketts’ veto, but a ballot initiative to reinstate the death penalty succeeded in 2016.

Nebraska’s death penalty has been in the news again following the Pope’s strong words against the morality of the practice, and as Nebraska is now scheduled to execute Carey Dean Moore on Aug. 14. Moore’s execution will be the first in the nation to use a new drug protocol.

Marylyn Felion has again been holding vigils against Gov. Ricketts’ pro-death-penalty policy and practice. This episode of Go Vote, Omaha was recorded in 2016.

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