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Tres Pasos para Votar en los Condados de Douglas y Sarpy

Each time you vote in any election, you help yourself, your family and your community. The voting process can be confusing, so here are three steps to help you vote:  Register, be Informed and Vote.


(the first time and each time you move from your home, change the name or change your party)

  • Who can vote: Anyone who is a citizen of the United States, who lives in Nebraska, and who is 18 years of age. Offenders (convicted) can vote after 2 years of having completed the sentence.
  • How to register: On the internet, go to vote411.org only if you have a driver’s license or state identification (ID) with your current address.
  • Register in person at the Electoral Commission Office, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), public libraries, Public Assistance Offices, and WIC clinics.
  • If you are not sure if you have registered, check the site: votercheck.necvr.ne.gov


  • What issues interest you? Get real information about the candidates and their positions on the issues that interest you.
  • Commercials and television ads are not always accurate.
  • The League of Women Voters (LWV) publishes an impartial Guide for Voters with information about the candidates on the site vote411.org or the paper version available in public libraries.
  • Watch the videos of the local candidate forums on the lwvgo.org site
  • You do not have to vote for each office / candidate listed on the ballot, you can leave blank boxes on the ballot



  • Request the Early Voting Ballot from the Nebraska Secretary of State or the County Electoral Commission, complete it and return it by mail to the Electoral Commission; You can also write your name, date of birth, address, your telephone number and sign on a blank sheet of paper. Take a photo and email it to your county election office. ( earlyvoting@votedouglascounty.com or earlyvote@Sarpy.com )
  • They will send you the ballot by mail to your home. Fill out the ballot, sign the envelope and return it in the return envelope that is included.
  • Return the ballot by mail no later than 5 days before the day of the election using a regular mail stamp.


  • Vote in the Electoral Commission Office; during office hours (Douglas County, 225 N. 115 St., Omaha 402-444-8683 / Sarpy County 501 Olson Drive, Suite 4 Papillion, 402-593-2167).


  • Go to your assigned polling place on election day, from 8am to 8pm. If you do not know where you have to vote, go to the Electoral Commission website.   votercheck.necvr.ne.gov
  • If you ask for a ballot to be sent home, you can not vote at the polling place.
  • All voting centers in Nebraska must be accessible to voters with disabilities. For information on accommodating voters with disabilities, visit:  http://www.sos.ne.gov/elec/pdf/voter_disability_rights.pdf


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