Unicameral Update

Most of the bills that we were following (supporting and opposing) did not make it out of committee. Here is a brief list of bills we supported or opposed that advanced far out of committee.

Bills we supported that were signed by the governor (did become law):
LB 289 – Increase penalties to human traffickers and help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault 

Bill we supported that did not become law:
LB 75 – Elimination of the two-year wait for returning citizens; Passed by legislature, not approved by governor, and legislature failed to override governor

Bills we opposed that advanced:
LB 333 – Eliminate an independent review of denial of aid to the disabled; Signed by governor

LB 68 – Prohibit certain regulations of firearms, ammunition and accessories by counties, cities and villages; Placed on select file and enrollment and review filed

Bills that we opposed that did not pass:
LR 1CA – Constitutional amendment to require voter ID in order to vote; Failed on floor 
LB 190 – Provide for limit on tax on cigars, cheroots and stogies; Indefinitely postponed,
LB 461 – Sales and income tax legislation contained language which would basically have defunded Planned Parenthood in Lincoln); Failed on floor

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