You’re Registered to Vote. Now What?

Congrats on registering to vote! But what do you do next? You vote!

To break it down a bit further, here are some suggestions for next-steps after registering.

A few days after your registration, check that it’s been accepted and that your information is correct by looking yourself up on the Nebraska Voter Check website.

Your county election commission will mail you a postcard confirming your registration. This also has your districts and polling place location. Hang onto this card, but know that you can also look up your polling place location online.

If you’d like to vote early, you can download the application form for Douglas County or Sarpy County and then mail it to your election commission office or take a picture of it (filled out with your info) and email the picture to or

You can get nonpartisan information on candidates by reading our voters’ guide and/or checking out On Vote411, you can enter your address to get the information for candidates specific to your ballot.

Note: To vote in the 2018 primary (May 15), you must register before 6 p.m. April 30. To vote early, you must apply before May 4.


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